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Good morning!

I hate when you wake up cold but you know it’s gonna be hot out today! Thank you Texas! lol Just wanted to come ramble, I’m not sure what to ramble about tho, probably nothing big considering I need to go get in the shower & get ready for work woot! Unlike a lot of people I love my half job. I call it a half job cause they only call me when they need me which is like all the rest of this week which works for me :D. will finish later

40L Wednesday Madness!

Us at iheart released a female & male skin woot! We are about to release all our skins! Exciting? YES! Well at it’s exciting for us lol.

So there’s that! Is it weird I dreamt of Justin bieber last night? I think so…. like it wasn’t dirty or anything we just hung out super awkward. Anyways Come by the shop and pick these things up! Only up till 11:59pm SLT.

<3 you all.

I feel unaccomplished with things today. I’ve been trying to find a job in real life, but it’s like I don’t have the motivation, because every where I go or get interviewed at I get turned down or it’s a run around trying to get to talk to someone that knows something. My mom is constantly pissed at me because of it too, and so is my boyfriend. They all keep pushing me but it’s like I just don’t move at all. I’m not motivated in life I guess. I come up with excuses for dumb shit. I wish I could jsut be like “Hey bitch get off your ass and do something”. Actually I do, do that every morning but then I just don’t do it? I’m frustrated with myself and life all together I guess. Everyone had such high expectations for me in life and I just let them all down. I don’t know how taylor stays with me, I sometimes think he just does it cause he thinks he won’t find anything better. But he swears up and down that isn’t true. I just sit there and waste my days away on Second Life, because that’s inside my box. Inside my personal boundaries and what I’m comfortable with even though I really shouldn’t be because I’ve been so hurt for that stupid ass game. Sometimes I just wish they would shut down, so I could learn how to live life but I just don’t. God I sound like some emo bitch, but sometimes you just gotta let it all out. I wish I could learn how to juggle it all out Boyfriend,Life, Second life to make everyone happy. That’s my problem really, is that I’m worried about making everyone else happy and not myself happy. Why? I don’t know everyone kind of treats me like shit anyways hence why I play the game I play. Maybe I should make out a schedule and stick to it. Maybe that what it’s gonna take to make it all work and everyone happy I don’t what to do anymore. I honestly don’t. I just wanna be happy and make everyone else happy in the process but for some reason I don’t think that’s going to be possible, someones going to get hurt in this process. But it’s something I need to do. I’ve got a lot of thinking to do.




Hey everyone, lol. Hey to everyone that doesn’t read my blog, I’m pretty sure I just post all this stuff to entertain myself and to make me feel important whatever works right? lol. So I was surfing on my facebook today, as usual and I follow second life on there and today they posted this link to a blog and it’s saying their downsizing. Uhm hi that’s not good? I believe they make profit but not as much profit I think this has something to do with people not buying linden which is perfectly fine cause we all have our RLS and they come first. But some just copy bot which really isn’t right, like yeah I get that we all don’t have all the money or time in the world but you can usually do something to earn money in world, there is literally thousands of businesses in SL that need people to work for them. And no it all doesn’t have to do with stripping or whoring yourself out, there’s sensible jobs in sl. Done with the rant :D lol. Anyways! So at iheart were releasing some new things they aren’t up yet but i’ll give all you a sneak peak :) NVM tumblr is fail today post one tomorrow <3

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i hate sunburns.

Yes, I have a HUGE ole sunburn, even tho i applied 100spf like five times today. That’s what I get for being white, and having strawberry blonde hair. And all my freckles came out D: oh well. lol. mmm not much to say today cause I haven’t been on second life much we didn’t make any progress on the store cause I haven’t been on lol, i’m failsauce. Maybe I’ll be less tired and sunburnt tomorrow


Is it sad that, the only i have really ready for the wedding is some bells & a photo book my mom just gave me. I’m going to be total failsauce at this. Trust me :P

Oh btw, welcome to my blog and my life err or lack there of at times I am know as Emmma Soup on second life and Courtney in real life, Nice to meet you ;)

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